Monday, October 24, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 1

hey, it's [finally] the first episode!

we recorded via google talk so periodically you'll hear the bandwidth issues hit us as bryan's voice crackles and fades a bit. so it goes. we also ran a little longer than planned; we're wanting to be in the 20-30 minute range. sorry.
links for this episode:

* the theme music, "I Crush Everything" by Jonathan Coulton, can be found at
* want to see what Interestingness is all about?
* have fun exploring with Mappr.
* Bryan's stream of "this" week is ciro@tokyo's set "25."
* Jason's stream of this week is junku's "airborne cats" set.
* we're both impressed by Petteri Sulonen's work with the new Canon EOS 5D.
* we play birdw0rks' The Flickr Song because it is kickass, even if including a second music bit seems a little gratuitous.
download Episode 1 here, or subscribe to our feed.


fubuki said...

ra! cant wait to get home and load it up. great going gents

flickrcast said...

i hope it lives up to any expectations you might have, fubuki.

whatever happened to that podcast you were messing around with months ago?


zabethanne said...

Hi! im a
I downloaded yesterdays cast and i thought it was neat. Ive got an ipod, and I'm curious as to why you dont podcast this through itunes where someone could easily subscribe to a regular podcast? I loved the cast, thought it went on just long enough, and found the topics interesting. I hit it just as i was leaving work so i actualy got online and sort of followed along. It was neat.
How often will you cast? Any hope of getting this on itunes?
also: love the flickr song as a theme. :)

flickrcast said...

we will be podcasting weekly and we should be listed on itunes very soon. our future podcasts will be a bit shorter in length.

thanks for your comments!


Anonymous said...


Shamus McMurphy said...

This was a great first show (much better than mine was when I started). I am really hope that you guys have as much fun doing your show as I do listening to it.

Take care.