Sunday, December 18, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 9

if you liked Citizen Kane, you'll LOVE... Episode 9!

prepare yourself for World-Famous Show Notes(TM).
links for this episode:

* this week's music is Cagey House with "The Shnay Speaks."
* hello to anyone who heard about us on Foolish Humans.
* flickr's new notification field.
* PriceRite Wars Episode 3 - Revenge of the Chaim.
* set of photos from a lost-then-found camera - hopefully not redacted for long.
* a little bit about fd's Flickr Toys:
-- fd's Magazine Creator and the cover bryan made.
-- the crack-a-licious Random Photo Browser. *** WARNING! GIANT TIME EATER! ***
* who will be our antarctic listener?!
-- pics bryan found from the antarctica tag: penguins, ice cave, tents, and aurora australis.

lastly, we'll sign off for the year with some of the random pics we found with the aforementioned random photo browser:
- brickworks
- big spider
- jabba frog
- handful of snow
- scat (not what you might be thinking, but still kind of inexplicable)
- you see a lot of this in the random favs.
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Monday, December 12, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 8

but little did they know the Episode 8 that awaited them...

there's odd scratchy noises. yes, we know.
links for this episode:

* this episode's music selection is "A Touch of Spring" by Purple Motion. old sk00l for the old f00s.
* followup: the new york post tries to contact PriceRitePhoto. ed lopez: you're on notice.
* neil gorman told us about the comiclife group.
* plasq, makers of comiclife.
* discussion about non-photos being NIPSA'd.
* you want video with your flickr? get thee to YouTube.
* ...where you can find such "quality" videos such as: converse hands man, weird guy singing, and pabst blue ninja - episode 1
* you can see the aftermath of the brief flickle crisis.
* camera news: prototype sensor promises reduced power consumption, increased dynamic range.
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Sunday, December 04, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 7

Episode 7: the choice of a new generation.

we both freely admit to being tired and distracted this episode. lots of pausing and straying off-topic. but hey, that's the beauty of podcasting, ladies and gents: it's real and it's RAW.
links for this episode:

* this week's music is i:Scintilla with "Scin." here's their website also.
* thread with info on boolean tag search syntax.
* thomas hawk's epic ordeal with scammers.
* thomas produces the flickrnation podcast.
* the "apology" from "ed lopez."
* see what these places actually look like.
* travel to mordor with the fellowship of the camera.
* nobody move! i dropped a contact...
* apple does something that might possibly be tangentially related to a camera-like device.
* we said hi to Neil Gorman from Comicology / Foolish Humans and Chuck the Amazing Baka.
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