Monday, November 07, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 3

Episode 3[rd time's a charm...]

we've got our audio situation handled for the most part, but jason's mic was a little loud this episode. there's always next time.
links for this episode:

* this week's theme music was Sunset Room with "Smoke."
* flickr's faq page about photo replacement.
* the photo jason tried to replace. on original it's still the same way it was to begin with.
* Richard Giles' flickrbook group and amazon listing.
* deleteme uncensored, an alternative to the deleteme group.
* dpreview's preview of the new Nikon d200 DSLR.
* geotagged images on flickr.
* sharp's bad idea.
* images tagged with "listeningto."
* as near as i can tell, this is where fubuki first proposed the listeningto tag.
* jason would like to see more of The Grit of Life.
* what's this fractal food we're talking about?
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Cyron Ray said...

I think that the "prosumer" level is certainly changing. The Olympus E-300 and the new E-500 for example are priced at sub $1000. $699 for the E-500. They come with shooting modes etc to make it easier to use preset settings for various situations (though of course it's got the full range of regular DSLR controls as well) They're obviously designed to appeal to people who want a higher end P&S but are keen for the performance and flexibility of an SLR. I know it's why I got one :)

And another thing, regarding sensor size. Your comment on dynamic range was off base for smaller sensors. The Olympus E series DSLRs uses a half sized sensor (crop factor x2), and whilst the issue of noise is very valid, they have no problems with dynamic range. Many people who choose an Oly DSLR do so for the dynamic range.

I admit I'm coming across as an Olympus fanboy, but I hope you'll forgive me for that :)

flickrcast said...

just want to clear up: the photosites on the olympus E-1 DSLR are around three and a half times larger than those on the new sharp sensor we're discussing (6.8 ┬Ám vs. 2.05). also, i misspoke when i said it was over an inch. that would put it above APS-C size and closer to full-frame territory. that's clearly not the case, as engadget reports that it's only 38 square millimeters. at that extreme, dynamic range is clearly going to be a problem though, as you point out, it's not a significant issue for more reasonably-sized sensors.


Richard Giles said...

Thanks guys for the mention and link to the Flickr Book Group. I'm keen to generate some dialogue with the community, so the podcast is much appreciated.

Keep up the great work.


Thomas Hawk said...

Guys, good work. Thanks for mentioning delteme uncensored and exposing those cruel admins at the original deleteme for the ruthless dictators that they are.

By the way deleteme uncensored is now out with it's own podcast. Hopefully this will give you a little more insight into the group including our loss recently of long time member The Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer who has recently been kicked off Flickr.

Let's spice the news up a little bit by the way. Here are some things that you might want to consider covering:

I covered Prince Charles visit to San Francisco recently as a citizen journalist and was ejected from the tightly securitized event that I was able to infiltrate. Photos of the Prince, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown can be found in a Flickr set here:

Caterina Fake was quoted in the New York Times:

Use Technorati to find out what where traffic to your Flickr page is coming from:

What about Flickr blogs? Did you know that Stewart Butterfield just started blogging again:

or that Caterina has a blog?

or that Heather has a blog

or even George.

Speaking of George, did you know that George was recently interviewed:

or how about flickrdate. Find a date on flickr:

Or what about the porn problem on Flickr? Recently this topic has been bantering around quite a bit in Flickr central. I posted on it and Stwart says a better way is coming to address the problem:

And speaking of porn, recently internet girls, girls, girls, gone wild, well on Flickr, maverick Nick Starr who runs, a series of Flickr babe sites, found himself shut down by Flickr. After making site adjustments he was allowed back up. Watch the drama unfold:

and perhaps the biggest Flickr controversy of all last month revolved around an interchange between Anil Dash and Caterina Fake regarding whether or not people at Flickr should be compensated somehow for their work on Flickr.

Lots of interesting flickr news to cover out there.

flickrcast said...

Thomas, thanks again for your comments and suggestions. We will be sure to check out your new podcast!

As for the news items, don't worry, many of those we planned on covering for episodes 4 and 5.


Allan Siew said...

It should be pronouce as "NI-KON" not "NINE-KON"...

flickrcast said...

Neither of us have ever (including during the flickrcast) pronounced it "nine-kon". You must have misheard something.

djp72 said...

too much heavy breathing jason!
the mike sounds like it was up your nose!

other than that... getting better!