Wednesday, April 05, 2006

flickrcast - Episode 16

Ha! Tornadoes can't stop me... Flickrcast returns!

In this episode:

* A social network visualization - flickr graph
* Have you seen Staple's tv commericials? Well, someone has hacked the "Easy Button"
* My mini-review on Comic Life and the comic I created using it
* ...want to try a watered down alternative? Check out Bubblr
* How To Use Flickr: The Digital Photography Revolution has been released! Buy it here
* This weeks podsafe music is Adrienne Pierce - Falling Asleep

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Infidelic said...

Hey, the podcast is great. Keep it up.

cr4nberry said...

hey ! this is the first time that i download your podcast. it seems to be great!, i'll see it in a moment.

I wanted to do only a comment: would be good if you say the size of the file to download. It's a little weird to be wondering how many time it lacks, haha.

it's not a problem, but is a fact that would see cool in your description.

Wow! it have finised downloading. Ok i'll listen it.

Bye !