Sunday, November 13, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 4

here's Episode 4 instead of st. peter's, yeah yeah, yeah yeah...

this episode flowed a lot easier in the recording. it was more conversational, so hopefully that will come through.
links for this episode:

* theme music this week: Chance and the Choir with "Radio Free."
* flickr's announcement for commenting on sets is in the 9th November entry here.
* join us in the flickrcast group...
* ...and let us know where you're located on the frappr flickrcast map.
* monaxle asked us about our thoughts on photographic blocks and inspiration here.
* the "flickr used to be crack..." thread.
* one thread about changing the flickr page style...
* ...and another one. if you search, you'll turn up tons of these.
* the only image tagged with "duderino." if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing.
* several images tagged with "truckstop:" the pink elephant, the desert center truck stop, and the "fish fund" cat.
download Episode 4 here, or subscribe to our feed.

find new horses.


Shamus McMurphy said...

Hey flickrcast,

I just subscribed to the show and am looking forword to hearing it.

-Neil Gorman (from the comicology podcast.)

flickrcast said...

thanks for listening, neil, hope you like it.

btw, it's cool to see foolish humans is back.


Shamus McMurphy said...

yes the FHP is back... I will be trying out a few different ways of recording the show. If you listen to it let me know what you like about it, and what you hate about it.

take care. '