Sunday, November 20, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 5

tell 'em Episode 5 sent ya!

there's foolishness on the loose in this one, along with skylarking, scallawagging, and even an instance of gerrymandering.
links for this episode:

* theme music was Greendome Sheck with "Kowalski," from the Podsafe Music Network.
* email Miss Anita Ego from Zimbabwe and tell her you're interested in her exciting business opportunity!
* here's a flickr thread about the "blog this" changes.
* do you live on earth? do you take pictures of things on earth? well then maybe you can contribute to the virtual world interactive group!
* the flickr blog.
* long exposures, intense colors, and light-painting at the nighthawks blog.
* more fun with color can be had at the color fields colr pickr.
* remember chia pet?! it's back - in flickr form!
* ooh! ooh! chimping video, the wikipedia article, and the thread we found them in.
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greendome said...

:-) Thanks for using our tune as your theme this episode, good choice. Good luck with the show and your financial venture with Miss Ego.

flickrcast said...

thanks! we'll probably be using at least one more in the next episode or two.