Monday, December 12, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 8

but little did they know the Episode 8 that awaited them...

there's odd scratchy noises. yes, we know.
links for this episode:

* this episode's music selection is "A Touch of Spring" by Purple Motion. old sk00l for the old f00s.
* followup: the new york post tries to contact PriceRitePhoto. ed lopez: you're on notice.
* neil gorman told us about the comiclife group.
* plasq, makers of comiclife.
* discussion about non-photos being NIPSA'd.
* you want video with your flickr? get thee to YouTube.
* ...where you can find such "quality" videos such as: converse hands man, weird guy singing, and pabst blue ninja - episode 1
* you can see the aftermath of the brief flickle crisis.
* camera news: prototype sensor promises reduced power consumption, increased dynamic range.
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