Sunday, December 04, 2005

flickrcast - Episode 7

Episode 7: the choice of a new generation.

we both freely admit to being tired and distracted this episode. lots of pausing and straying off-topic. but hey, that's the beauty of podcasting, ladies and gents: it's real and it's RAW.
links for this episode:

* this week's music is i:Scintilla with "Scin." here's their website also.
* thread with info on boolean tag search syntax.
* thomas hawk's epic ordeal with scammers.
* thomas produces the flickrnation podcast.
* the "apology" from "ed lopez."
* see what these places actually look like.
* travel to mordor with the fellowship of the camera.
* nobody move! i dropped a contact...
* apple does something that might possibly be tangentially related to a camera-like device.
* we said hi to Neil Gorman from Comicology / Foolish Humans and Chuck the Amazing Baka.
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Fanboy said...

Holy crap, guys... What the hell was that trainwreck?

Seriously, you may wanna consider making this a biweekly deal because it seems there just isn't enough information to fill in a whole podcast on a weekly basis.

You spent more time talking about Apple than you did about Flickr!

flickrcast said...

lack of preparedness = trainwreck, simple as that.