Thursday, February 02, 2006

flickrcast - Episode 13

in case i don't see ya: good afternoon, good evening, and Episode 13.

as an experiment, i'm putting this one out without editing for content. i think it went smoothly enough in the recording that there's nothing that really screams to be cut out, but i'm not going to listen before releasing it. it may sound a little sloppy; somehow, life will go on.
links for this episode:

* musics: The Negatones - The Godfather
* flickrcast group post following up on the end of minolta.
* quick newsbite about fuji cutting jobs.
* extreme generosity: Are You a Pro?
* ... and the are you a pro? group.
* Indexx for X - a collaborative poem with accompanying flickr images.
* ...and the indexx group.
* am i going to go there? of course: fastr, pussycat, tag! tag! (the preceding joke was lame.)
* and finally...
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