Tuesday, January 24, 2006

flickrcast - Episode 12

hey kids! [finally!] Episode 12!

even with the new schedule we're a day late because once again - say it with me, you all know the words - i'm sick.
links for this episode:

* music was the soothing tones of Angry Red Planet with "Mixing All the Blues."
* original boingboing item about Shine's flickr photobooth, and a direct link to the shenanigans.
* flickrtorss.com for RSS feeds of your sets.
* dpreview article about minolta leaving the camera business and spinning off most of their assets to sony.
* shownotes for DSC #320, in which adam curry talks about his cc-licensed pics being stolen by a dutch tabloid.
* user kathryn has pics stolen by ticketmaster.
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